A Song for a Team Trip

Yes. This is my first composition. Its a song in Malayalam that starts with “Manjuneer thulli’ with beautiful lyrics by Shiny, my colleague. The two female vocals are by Shiny and Rashmi. It could’ve been a normal team trip that we used to have half-yearly. But this time Sohal came up with an idea of making a song to just “show off” in his own words! I took it a bit seriously I guess. I made three samples using the garage band app in my iPod. Thanks to the iRig that helped me connect to the iPod to record the guitar.

Approach was simple. Select scale – select time signature -> program drums, ->bass -> rhythm guitar. That’s what I primarily did. Out of 3, everyone unanimously chose the third sample. Lyrics was ready by the next day. We tried singing with the sample and by the next day we recorded using the same device, the iRig and a dynamic mic connected to it. The date of trip was so close so it was unthinkable, the idea of going to a studio even though we wanted to record at least the vocals in studio and mix it with the rest. After recording vocals of both Rashmi and shiny mixing was the most tedious job as we didn’t do the recording properly at first place and the only effects to be added is what is available on a guitar amp in garage band so played with reverb and equalizer. By that time I had also added a solo with relatively simple solo and rhythm portions.

We played it during our trip to munnar and the response was in fact good. Check out!