RSI 8/13: TDT – The Depot of Talent

I know I’m late to the party. Not posting that frequently now a days. It is been weeks/months since The Down Troddence, one of my favorite bands in India did a sweep at Rolling Stones Metal Awards, bagging 8 out of 13 awards.

  1. Best Band (Critics’ Choice)
  2. Best Album (Critics’ Choice) – How are you? We are fine thank you.
  3. Best Song (Critics’ Choice) – Nagavalli
  4. Best Band (Popular Choice)
  5. Best Album (Popular Choice)
  6. Best Song (Popular Choice)
  7. Best Guitarist – Varun Raj
  8. Best Artwork – Abhijith VB

I urge everyone who read this to buy their album from The 199 bucks you spend is worth it. If you want a hard copy you can get it from

The best thing about the album is the song Nagavalli. There is a killer unofficial video cut by Riaz Hassan. View it below.

  • Spellbinding guitar solo
  • Terrific arrangement.
  • Usage of malahiri raga
  • Breakdown
  • Out of the world artwork of Nagavall
  • Recording and Mixing by Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor

Well, I can go on and on praising this song. It is one of the best tracks India ever produced in my opinion.


The album includes another track called Forgotten Martyrs featuring the “God of Small Strings” himself! (Baiju Dharmajan).Improved versions of their earlier tracks, Death Vanity, ortnIavihS, Shiva are present in the album. Other notable tracks are Hell Within Hell (that wicked carnatic riff) and KFC(breakdowns again).



Rock Bands, Please Stay Away from Technopark!

I would never have written this on an isolated incident. It happens repeatedly in technopark. If you are so proud of being a rock/metal artist, come and have the experience. In SRK’s words ( I know its a little awkward to quote a mainstream artist in a blog on rock music. sorry for that! ) Techies here will “kick the star out of your stardom”. But it is not because of their holier-than-thou attitude and not at all because of your music. It is only because of the sheer underexposure of the crowd here to something called “real music”. Everyone is in the dream world of filmi and pop.

So in some unfortunate circumstance if you have agreed to play a show, What are the things that are awaiting you? This blog is intended to give you an insight to that rather than a useless advice to those poor souls.

The crowd

5-6% metal heads, 15% general music lovers, 40% dunno-whats-going-on-im-leavin kind of people and rest would account to faint hearted-troublesome-attention seekers (pretty weird combination isn’t it?) This is what the crowd is. You can see very little people at the front head-banging perhaps. They will sing along. The second category will sit and listen to you but they are less likely of enjoying it. They will listen to you anyway. The third group will show the signs of discomfort from the moment you start to play something hard and will eventually be out of the venue if you perform more than 5-6 songs. They can enjoy only filmi/pop. They listen to only vocals and it should be clean. Distortion on guitars and heavy drumbeats will piss them off. Very sensitive group of people probably the result of brain dead bollywood or stupid TV serials. The last category can be a menance. They may be drunk and will hurl abuses at you loudly, show antics that even Sreesanth wouldn’t dare to do.

It is not entirely on the crowd’s fault though. The thing is, you got the wrong crowd. Techopark do have a lot of rock fans. But why the heck they aren’t at the venue? How come these filmi dumasses (sorry, but in the view of most metalheads, you are!) are present at a rock concert?

The organizers

Be it any show our organizers are very known for their ironic know-it-all attitude. Following ways, the organizers can make you go nuts!

1. Sound check without sound.

This is something that is happened with chaos when they came to Technopark. The organizer had askedthem to do  sound check until the sound guys arrive! You can read an excellent article by Praveen Stoneage: “When Chaos reigned at Technopark!”. Also, ensure that everything stays there as it is after the sound check. You can read read my account on Avial at Natana. There is an incident mentioned about how Avial’s sound check got affected!

2. Lack of equipment.

I request the concerned people who are likely to do this at technopark to read this eHow article on how to set up the stage for a rock concert There is no rocket science involved. The only thing you do at-least is to show some common sense. ASK the band what they need. Provide what they need. Simple! By the way in Technopark, if you get 2-3 monitor speakers, consider yourselves lucky. Forget the drummer! Here, sound system will be setup keeping a pop singer who sings on karaoke in mind. So ensure everything is setup your way before playing.

3. Getting Sandwiched

Now, this is one thing you must never let happen. If you want to play rock it will be better if there are only rock fans listening to you. In Technopark a rock concert will mostly be followed by a “ganamela” or a “filmi” concert by some pop star(?). Chaos was a victim where a ganamela was followed by their concert. The lead vocalist of Bennett and the band who sounded like Bon Scott of AC/DC did suffer an abrupt end  as the crowd was expecting Bollywood singer Vijay Prakash’s concert which followed! You know what? Size doesn’t matter!

4. Is that what you call music?

Even-though you got raped for performing what you love, the organizers are not gonna show you any mercy. They will judge you like in reality shows and points out lot of mistakes(???) They can even give advice on the playing techniques of your lead guitarist. Beware!

6. Ohh! please stop! we cannot handle the crowd anymore!

This will be a humiliating experience. The organizers asking you to stop the show. If someone didn’t like your performance, they can walk away. If the organizers can’t control some of that 4th category people I told earlier, Why are they conducting such a show at first place?

This blog is not intended to humiliate anybody. I don’t know any of the organizers, performers personally. So, if this post hurt your sentiments, frankly my dears, I don’t give a rat’s ass!

It’s these cards and the movies and the pop songs, they’re to blame for all lies and the heartache, everything. – 500 Days of Summer