Emergency for KFC?

Last Saturday (relative) KFC opened a store at Trivandrum city, the first in the city! I didn’t go home that weekend spending it fairly lazily checking Facebook status, and something that I don’t even remember. Fairly a colorless Saturday that was until I saw the twitter status update from Subin “KFC opened at Trivandrum”. I saw the store under construction two three weeks earlier. However I asked him regarding the same. “Heavy rush man! you will have to wait in queue to give order. But, hot girls! a lot of them!” The second sentence did give a spark! Ok, lets go check it out then! Hmm he’s already gone there today!

After some time got a call from Arjun which gave me a perfect opportunity and yes, its 8.30 AM we started from Kazhakkuttom to Trivandrum. As it was the end of the month, the obvious scenario. Asked my roommate Rakesh to transfer some bucks to my account at the expense of a parcel for him, Extra premium petrol for Rs. 200 to ensure smooth journey. It wasn’t fun riding through the wet streets dodging every car that lavishly overtakes through the wrong side and not to mention the risky overtakes with the middle fingers up for the dumb-ass drivers who think they own the road! When we got there the sight left me spell bound. WTF? Is this a frigging movie hall? KFC is literally “house-full”! People pouring in at a higher rate than the ones getting out even at 10 PM in a city where there’s no such thing called night life!

“No options! Lets dig in!” Arjun somehow managed to get in and so did I. About five counters active where each one having 30-40 people in queue.  “You stand in the queue! I’ll find some place to sit and eat!” I had to admit because he’s having better communication skill and such a thing is more useful blocking a table than simply standing patiently! About half an hour in queue and I’m nearly 10 desperate souls away from giving my order?!  Suddenly this one fat guy with that classic innocent expression on his face pushed me lightly with his meaty shoulders and there you are! He’s now in-front of me. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him as I was totally clueless on what’s happening. Innocence vs clueless-ness who’s gonna win? Yep! You guessed it right. His next sentence shocked me! “Sorry! Its an emergency!” A wink after that sentence and I could see the innocent expression is no longer there on his face. When I was about to say “Get the heck out!” I saw a small kid along with him, there was no time to think as the long he stays there the more it becomes his privilege. Finally I let him stay there thinking of that little guy! “Uncle can U order Ice creams too?” WTF? He’s not the fatty’s son! Well, nice and pissed off!  This guy never ended it there. He made lot of problems there at the counter cancelling what he ordered after its given, spilling it all over there and asking for replacement.

Ok, Its over! Now its only 4 people away! Guess what? It happened again! Another one this time a skinny not-so old but slightly grey one with the same innocent-face trying to push in slightly!  “Not this time!” I stopped him! “Sir, the queue ends there” I showed him the end of queue and to my surprise, he politely agreed, said thanks and went back! Damn! I could’ve done that earlier!? F**king emergency!