ULKKA! My Background Score Debut

One fine day Sohal, one of my colleagues comes up and asks me “Hope you are okay with doing music for our short film, Its a comedy-romance kind. It will give you exposure as a Music Director!”. Two things came to my mind.

  1. I’m not a music director. There are no people working for me. I’m just an enthusiast. Why did he use that term?
  2. Although I have done some tracks just for sake of fun, I realized it to be no fun when working for a film, but rather an exhaustive and tiring job. Is it really worth doing it again?

I decided to embrace the opportunity without having any idea of what that means to me.

Started out with my iPod as usual using iRig; Did a couple of tracks. It was by that time, I’m buying a Macbook pro, which helped me to fine tune my tracks. It also allowed recording guitar directly from my Digitech RP500 eliminating noise that i get when using iRig. Sohal kept pinging me again and again each and every day until he got what he wanted. Kudos to him.

Another thing that makes this project special for me is one of the tracks I did. This short film contains a scene that I could relate heavily during that time. I wrote two lines of lyrics which was quite insane and started singing it while strumming my guitar on A minor scale. Name of the track is “Where are you” (which is instrumental with guitar lead for obvious reasons) which I hold very close to my heart and is an ode to that person who stood as the reason for all that thought process inside me, who unknowingly(i hope) motivated, and inspired me to be a better human being(Not saying that it changed me!). You can hear it below.

Now, speaking about the short film, it is named “ULKKA” which means meteor and has a tag line “An ulkka is following each one of you”. ULKKA is a journey of Sankaran in pursuit of his love on the last day of the world. It is a satire that showcases what a common man do on the last day.  The movie has already  crossed  50,000+ views on youtube. Watch it below!


Starring Shabi B Kahar, Rashmi K Nair, Abhimanyu Ramanandan, Rajesh Vijayan, Lalkishore, Somesh S ,Jeemon Joy

Directed By Mohamed Sohal

DOP Adarsh Bhargav

Editor Appu Bhattathiri

Screenplay Abhimanyu Ramanandan

Story Praveen Raj B R

Dialogues Rajesh Vijayan

Music Ragesh Chakadath

Sound Design Shefin Mayan (sound man)

Produced By Vinithchandran R

Hope you liked it.