Can You Change Your Tissue Paper Definition? : Clay Play – Motherjane

After a looong gap, Motherjane is back with their new line-up and a killer single. After their lead guitarist (Baiju Dharmajan) and vocalist(Suraj Mani) left, motherjane lost their rhythm guitarist Deepu Sasidharan recently. He is now the managing the new and promising band called Masala Coffee. Kudos to Clyde(Bass) and John(Drums) who have managed to stay together through the hard times; and coming up with something like ‘Clay Play’? Woah! That’s fantastic.

Current Line-up

Vivek Thomas – Vocals
Nithin Vijayanath – Guitar
John Thomas – Drums
Clyde Rozario – Bass Guitar


‘Clay Play’, their new single has lot of difference in sound compared to their previous album. From Progressive Rock to Post Rock does really looks refreshing while retaining the carnatic elements in a more subtle but cool way. Vocals are awesome with all those high octave sustains, but it may take some time for janiacs to adjust to the new singing style and for this particular track, singing along won’t be that easy. Two things I’m so impressed about this track is its mixing and of course mastering. You should listen to this track with a real good headset in HD. Can’t explain the awesomeness that it produce. This track is produced by none other than the mastero: Rex Vijayan. You can easily notice his influence in the track. Another honorable mention goes to John for his terrific effort in drumming. Clyde awesome as always and new guitarist is promising too; looking forward to hearing more from him.


Produced by – Rex Vijayan
Mixed by – Abin Paul
Mastered by – Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound, New York
Vocals recorded by Binil Eldhose at NHQ


Clay play video is produced by Papaya media, who are famous for their work in movies like Salt & Pepper, and a lot of other stuff.  Have you visited Cafe Papaya? The video retains the old format of motherjane videos like Broken. This time, showing the life of an IT guy who is struggling with his work and eventually taking that difficult decision to quit and to follow his passion. To be frank, I could totally relate to it.


Produced by – Papaya Media
Directed by – Abhilash Kumar
DOP – Ajay Menon
Editor & Colourist – Saiju Sreedharan
Art Direction – Elwin Charly
Camera Associates – Viswom Charly, Bilu Tom Mathew, Abdul Rahim
Executive Producer – Harshad Ali
Studio – Studio Papaya

Heard that they are working on their new album. Wish you all the best Motherjane!

Note from the Band on the 19th anniversary

Today marks the 19th anniversary of Motherjane!! It’s been a terrific journey so far.

It’s incredible that what started off in Mithun’s room as a makeshift band has come this far . So many great players came in and went out.So many lessons learned and many yet to be emoticon.In this linear time sequence Motherjane would like to thank Mithuns’ father – Mr.Raju who funded our first public gig at Fine Arts Hall,kochi.Always grateful to you,and Mr.Paulson Raphael for sponsoring our very first gig at St.Albert’s college.

In hindsight ,we see everything that happened,actually added to the big picture.As in Rex left the band and started Avial,a legendary act which changed the sound of Indian Rock forever and Mithun is spearheading the new wonder -Thaikudam Bridge , Baiju touring far and wide as a guitar demi god ,Suraj scaling new heights as a Rock Poet , Nirmal David became an award-winning animator,Laji and Shyam along with Mithun going ahead with Pseutopia,Santosh digging it with Arka,Deepu into sessions,Deepak dev composing for Movies,Biju,Sesil and Ravi. All finding their respective spaces and in pursuit of happiness and new ideas..
Great pleasure and gratitude in sharing this collective dream called Motherjane. A big thanks for the fans who stood by us all these years .You are people who inspire us to go ahead…Grateful.