Hello there! I’m Ragesh; a software engineer based in India. Started my career in 2007 when I joined Network Systems & Technologies pvt Ltd. I’m a guitarist who’s has been influenced and inspired by bands like Motherjane and Avial. A shutterbug who’s yearning for yet another lens.


I use my blogs mainly for sharing my passion and views. While this is a blog that I share the most unfocused of subjects. There are some focused blogs too.

Techleaves is a technical blog that came as a by product of my career as a software engineer. Its meant for sharing solutions for the most tricky problems that I went through which in no way be termed as geeky.

Focalfreak is about the photographer in me. Here I share the pics and a possible story behind it which in no way be artistic.

Idivaal is a Malayalam blog which is supposed to be humorous. I write in no pure Malayalam, but including the slang and accents that influenced me.

Another thing I love to do is going overboard with thinking rewinding through the chain of thoughts. I’m a riding freak and a proud owner of Yamaha R15 v1.0. Sad that there are no race tracks or good roads in Kerala for touring or racing.

Whether it is for a CEO of a billion dollar company or an epic rock deity, There’s no boundaries for my ambition and can’t stay a minute being single-minded.


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