Auto PNR! What an Idea Sir!

Ticket booking from IRCTC has always been and is still the most addictive multiplayer game India ever produced. Forget tatkal. If somehow you survived the thousands (which infact is more than the website can handle) to get a ticket, problems are not yet over. A good initiative by the indian railways to go green had a tremendous impact as people need to carry only the confirmation SMS. Sadly the information in the SMS is hardly readable as it contains lot of unnecessary info (or it looks like that to me) and it is really difficult to locate the SMS for next train i’m going to board. You may need to remember your seat and coach number. Also, if you are having a ticket that is not confirmed, its not very easy to get the status as the website is not responsive and the UI of current PNR status apps are crappy.

Here is where this gem of an app I found comes in handy. AutoPNR is an android application developed by Abu Sufiyan. It works like a charm with its simple and responsive interface. It simply reads your SMS stack to get the active tickets and displays the details like your PNR number, Seat number, time of departure, train number etc in a neat and clean way. This app actually helped me today to realise that I have booked a wrong ticket for my return this monday. By clicking on the entries you can see the live status of the ticket incase if it is not confirmed.

So no more searching through SMS. Use AutoPNR. You can find the link to the app below.



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