A perfect blend of funk and folk I would say. This band called slingshot which was formed in 2006 hails from Calicut aka Kozhikode, a northern district of Kerala. They were the winners of the first edition of Kingfisher Kerala Rocks. Slingshot recorded its first album ‘Half-Naked’ which was unofficially released in the Great Indian Octoberfest. The genre of rock music which the band plays is‘Folk influenced Sex-Funk rock’. ‘Country liquor’ is their first song which is more of funk rather than folk. but ‘way back home’ which is my favorite has a folk touch every where from riffs to drum beats, sprinkled with funk. The band’s lineup is as follows.

Jhanu on guitar, Fadal on vocals, Kaushik on bass and Vineet on drums. So they are a 4 piece band. No idea on how they manage to play songs like country liquor live without a rhythm guitarist.There are less of such face-melting solos in those two songs. Also in ‘way back home’, we can hear that there’s only bass backing while playing lead. So probably Jhanu shifts between rhythm and lead. ‘zaara’ has little Indian folk in it but awesome stuff on acoustic guitar and bass.

You can download all their songs from their reverbnation profile.


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