Ettam Pattu Unplugged Cover!

I hope everyone know the band called Avial. Ettam pattu or “8th song” in English as the name implies is the 8th song of their self titled album. This is my favorite song as it is a slow folksy ballad which carries a taste of rural Kerala as well as impeccable melody.

Arjun and me met at Technopark when he saw me carrying a guitar with me. We got acquainted, jammed and became good friends. Needless to say he is an awesome guitarist, he mostly plays metal and some awesome acoustic stuff too. As I was studying classical guitar. I couldn’t resist but learn how to play this song from him.

Last week his cousin Sanchay had come to his place. He is a good vocalist trained in carnatic music. So we recorded this cover with me and Arjun on guitars, Sanchay on Vocals.  Here is the video, its our first such attempt. Hope everyone likes it.


7 thoughts on “Ettam Pattu Unplugged Cover!

  1. Abhijit Nair says:

    Good one, lil mix up in the end, but good job. By the way, can you post the guitar chords for the song?

      • omer says:

        it would be really great if you could put up the tabs….btw nice cover…love this song alot…

      • Hej hold da op Ida, jeg tror da vidst du har misforstÃ¥et et eller andet der..tror bestemt ikke Mascha mener det pÃ¥ en ondskabsfuld mÃ¥de, tror da nærmere at det handler om hvorvidt han gør god reklame for sig selv og sit ”produkt”.. ville en reklame for en bil, hvor du kun ser en landevej, men ingen bil mÃ¥ske virke pÃ¥ dig?

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