Introducing Roxide & Kaalam

This band or to be specific their track “Kaalam” is not new to me. I heard it from their reverbnation profile a year ago. I wasn’t very impressed with the vocals to be frank, but I liked their simple approach. So I downloaded it(kill piracy) and it stayed in my pc and found a place in my daily playlist. Eventually I started to love it. Those riffs at the end is best part according to me. Lyrics where funny and cool that reminds of our own childhood.

The band says:

Nothing is true like Music and nothing is mightier than Words, they mate inside heart with much of passion and there comes the wonder of ROXIDE. It may change something in his grace, that couldn’t be changed by a thousand Rally! Listen, with all you have inside and feel the great love for you. Hold hands together to make a difference. The Band is here to Serve you with all we have inside. Let the Love flow from hearts to hearts….


Vocals & Rythm: Aldrine
Lead Guitar: Mithun
Bass Guitar: Joachim
Drums: Deepak
Keys: Shine

Must Listen Track

That’s “Kaalam” and here is the video:

About the video, the kids rocked! But guys, do you think that you’re better actors than them? 😀 Kept it simple and humble. Thumbs up for that!



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