A Personal Appeal to Tamilnadu

Before starting with this post let me say this. I or we have great respect towards Tamil people for various reasons. We depend on you for our food (Raw materials including 70 per cent of our vegetable requirements) and lot other things so there is a situation that we cannot live without you guys. As Tamil is the mother of Malayalam which is the mother-tongue of Kerala, There is no regional or lingual reasons for hate. Also we are all Dravidian. I live in the western part of Thrissur district, Kerala. My blog has carried a badge you can see on the left called “Re-Build Mullaperiyar Dam” for nearly two years. When I thought about putting this up in a blog,  Now a days, I can feel that things have changed. The recent tremors and the predictions for the coming ones are making us more aware and worried. A protest that is going on at Mullaperiyar area demanding a new dam has passed 2000 days. Please note that none of these protests are against Tamilnadu or Tamilians, but for one of the fundamental rights given by the Indian constitution: “the right to live”. Here from what I could understand, the main problem is the worry over the updates in cost of lease. It’s not basically about Tamilnadu being denied of water, but a fear of having to pay more than current value after building a new dam. How much time does it take to build a new one? I don’t think it is possible to build a new dam  by keeping the water level like that in the old one. So during the period of construction, you may lose some water  But TN government must understand the fear of 3 million people living downstream. The supreme court’s verdict can take time. It might be difficult to get a clear technical statement on how secure the dam is. But nature has its own ways. It won’t do any paper work or consult any of these technical or legal experts before its action. Even if the chance for a crisis is as small as 1%, that is a strong reason to worry. I hope you can understand our situation by reading this together with the risk of Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant you face and I want to let you know that same is our sentiments on Mullaperiyar. Tamilnadu can argue in the court that its taking measures for strengthening the dam by doing some cosmetics, demand stays and stretch it a lot further. But remember that if you are milking a cow when it is sick, you are killing it.


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