Shiva – New Release by The Down Troddence

After a short break, guys are back with a modification/continuation of their earlier track: ortnIaviS (read it from right); Shiva! This is their debut video. If you’ve heard the former you should wait till the end to get the essence of what they had in store. Munz growling “shivaaa” sounded wicked, but this one, Shiva is really deadly. Violent like tandava and Dark like hell!

The DownTroddence as the name imply, stands for the oppressed. This one is just another strong statement. The song as in the video depicts two stories, both related to Mahadeva of course. First one is Ravana trying to please Shiva by singing Shiva Thandava Stothram, but being ignored and angry he pulls out his intestines with bare hands, and plays rudra veena using it. In the second half of the video it is seen, The Pottan theyyam (shiva disguised as a pulayan) standing in the way of a proud Shankaracharya who’s about to ascend the throne of knowledge, arguing with him and at the end Shankaracharya is seen bowing the theyyam and getting blessings. Images of the band members flashes in between at right times, Great work there by the camera guys. A well-directed video.

Direction: Saju K Salam
Cinematography: Jayesh Mohan n Clint Soman
EditingPost production: Harrison PV
Mixing and Mastering: Jackson Vijayan, Rex Vijayan(Avial), Vivek Thomas(Vidwan)

Here like the orthnivasis, Riffs are similar at the end, but with some healthy changes, it’s become way too aggressive and classy. This one band proves themselves to be the most promising metal band of the decade and ahead. Only one thing as I felt they would’ve taken care of was the pronunciation which seemed a bit blurry when growling. However, this was one metal music that we wanted to hear after all!

“What is the difference between us when we both bleed in the same color when we are stabbed?”


3 thoughts on “Shiva – New Release by The Down Troddence

    • rahul says:

      munz, u n ur team are really really great ones . wat kerala waited till for some metal and progressive type is just ur type of songs .its like some addiction wen hearing to ur death vanity and shiva, excellent mix of siva tandava stotra its like felling some divinity hearing to shive…hats off for u guys imma big big bloody big fan of u guys and too im goddamn crazy and mad for avial and vidwan …all of u guys proved tat malayalee can also come up to beats that makes men rock…….

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