Electronic Folk!

Vidwan is the newest band from Kerala that I’ve heard of. Got no information on when they had formed, but I have heard them saying in their teaser video that for a year they have been experimenting with their music, and now they have two EPs in their reverb profile. They describes Vidwan as:

A Rule based expert system shell implements backward chaining inference mechanism with uncertainty factors and explanation facilities. With a simple rule base structure, it is easy to learn to use Vidwan and can have sample runs of the execution with Vidwan on the provided example rule bases.

Videos of one of their unreleased track Pulikkali is also available in youtube with Rex Vijayan of Avial doing the live guitar duties. There is no “Rock” in their genre description, but I would consider them as a rock band since they have some nice acoustic blends with the authentic folk songs. If you are going to listen the track “Kaithola”, be aware that it is sung by a guest vocalist Melody Walker, probably an American. So Malayalam accent is not really good. They could have worked with her in-order to get the best pronunciation. Music wise it is really a great attempt.

Genre: Folk , Electronica, Experimental, World

Vocals: Saju Sreenivas
Keyboard & Synth: Yakzan Gary Pereira
Guitar & Bass: Ben Sam Jones
Drums: Arpith Easo Samuel
Vocals, Guitars & Synth: Vivek Thomas
Guitars live: Rex Vijayan

Must Listen Tracks



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