Wrenz (Re-)United!

Last couple of years; we saw the rising of Motherjane. But at the end we did feel the pain and disappointment of Baiju -The GOD of small strings leaving the band! Some predicted the end of motherjane, but most hoped and awaited the re-incarnation! Yes, they are back with their new Guitarist, Santhosh Chandran after a small interval. The excitement is at an all time high as the whole thing resulted in pleasant surprises! Baiju who left the band had a reason. Apart from his creative heart urging to explode with riffs, Wrenz was his old band formed in 1989 and later disbanded.

Wrenz United will be having music labeled as International Indian Rock. It consists of Roney R Philip on vocals, Baiju Dharmajan on Guitars, Biju James on Bass and Nirmal Antony on Drums.They released 3 Eps as their debut album which they call is just an invitation to Wrenz, By the moonlight, God’s own country and King and Pawn.

The first song I heard is By the moonlight, in which the first thing attracted me was obviously those mesmerizing riffs by Baiju. I didn’t like the vocals on first listen as my subconscious was expecting him to sing like Suraj of motherjane. Roney have a different style of singing and his powers are different! Eventually I found the beauty.

The next song, God’s Own country is a song about Kerala and you can feel that from the music itself. At some point Roney sings “Ohohoho” That was really captivating and the fans are going to sing that along! If I’m right the Kerala traditional percussion instrument, Idakka has been used which adds to the flavor. As motherjane use Chenda, Wrenz should at-least use an Idakka, Shouldn’t they? Nirmal did an amazing job with his drums where the beats are powerful and have a touch of tradition. Its quite surprising that he is the same guy I saw in the Big Band show on Asianet, playing with Baiju, the Karnatriix bassist Josy and the famous violinist, Balabhaskar.

The final one is King and Pawn, which I’ll rate good but I like the other two better. Did I forget to mention someone? Yep, the BIG guy! Biju (not to be confused with Baiju) the bassist. In all the three songs we can feel his strong presence. He backs it very well and shows the skills in the portions where Baiju and Roney are silent. Wrenz now released two of their videos, God’s own Country and King and Pawn. Videos are having similarity with those of motherjane. Especially, the way God’s own country is shot is similar to Fields of sound of motherjane. Videos could have been more creative, but music fills all those gaps!

Overall, Wrenz United is a good team with potential, professionals who are having great expertise and amazing talent. All the best, Wrenz! Keep rocking!


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