Battle with my fat aXe!

If one who plays the guitar is a guitarist, Then I am! Been studying western classical guitar for one and a half years along side the young kids, where a fifty percent are forced to achieve it as a career goal by their parents. Sometimes It is annoying. Yet its really fun out there getting a chance to express and be curious like a kid. As the title says, my battle is with a fat aXe, not a fat a**e which makes it a matter of attitude and an inability to quit. I’m highly fortunate that I’m blessed with the latter even though that isn’t the only stuff required.

The fat aXe mentioned here is neither a normal acoustic guitar which we see people playing chords while singing or an unplugged concert, nor an electric guitar that is used to rock! It is the classical guitar. Yes the name explains it well. A western classical instrument. I’m not a fan of a western classical music. I’m just a normal guy having a weakness on anything that’s good or things that attract me at the moment. I was really late to experience the rock culture and music. I got attracted to a band called Motherjane in early 2009 and one of their tracks “Broken” was the first self-acknowledged rock song that I heard and fell in love with.

The rock culture and music will not be a passing fancy when one realized its value. I’ll say that rock music is the one that relates more to the reality than any other genre of music. However I must say that I took some time to become compatible towards the aggression. Actually it is not a matter of compatibility. It is rather an ability to differentiate aggression from noise. It took a lot of time for me to come closer and appreciate some of the master pieces. Even-though rock flies high worldwide, its still in its childhood in my country, India. Bollywood stands like a deep rooted eucalyptus tree that can care less to give enough water for near by trees to grow. Its not just Bollywood actually. There are so many “woods” here that have little similarity with the original one that produces a handful of watchable movies. So basically it was after my teens that I could literally break the “woods” and embrace rock.

By this time, I joined a music school in Trivandrum in-order to study guitar. One specialty about this school is that they start with normal acoustic guitar with pick and slowly moves to classical guitar. At first my teacher thought I may not continue this for long and suggested me to buy an acoustic guitar, when I asked him about buying one. He expected it to cost less in-order to decrease my loss. But the fate was different. I bought a Yamaha F310 CS which cost about ten thousand rupees. This embarrassed him slightly and the only advice he could give me is to remember its price when I feel like quitting! After some days picking with plectrum, he introduced me to the fat axe! Yea, the classical guitar. I don’t need a pick anymore. Have to learn the finger picking style. At first it was a hard nut to crack, but eventually I managed to get things under control. Sore fingers became regular as I had soft fingers and the steel string of my acoustic guitar which I still play in finger style added to the pain.

I passed the grade 1 trinity exam with some difficulty. Now Grade 2 exam is also passed with ease. Now the problem is a growing frustration. I’m facing difficulties playing normal songs other than the pieces that I require to perform in grade exams. I get stuck somewhere in middle when I start to learn a popular song. So My confidence level is not very high as it will be difficult to prove myself if I declare I’m a good guitarist. I love rock and recently started shifting my interest to metal and other powerful genres of music. I equally love music that is sweet. But the wish to play the music I love is growing stronger in my heart and the inability to do that is the root cause of frustration. When I consulted, my teacher explained me with examples that continuing like this is the right path to achieve what I want. Yes, He might be right. A man with an experience of a lifetime can’t be wrong.


2 thoughts on “Battle with my fat aXe!

  1. There is a time when we should change the word learning to Experimenting. You listen a great deal of music. I don’t think you need a teacher to learn to play what you like on guitar. Ear training. It’s slow but sure to get you through the way.
    Atleast I did it.
    Will be glad to know if that helps.

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