Syllabus for B.Tech Part-time Degree Course Restructured!

Today, I got a mail with the subject: “Restructured Syllabus for B.Tech Degree Course E & C – Part Time (2010 Admission onwards)” It had a pdf attachment with the same name. The document was the syllabus for B.Tech Part-time course 2008 Scheme (Electronics and Communication) for the year 2010. According to this, most of the subjects in first year is removed and it is replaced with the subjects from the following semesters. I’ve applied for B.Tech Part-time Computer Science this year. Don’t know whether this is a fake one This is not fake! I got the link to the document. Click here for link to the document in the College of Engineering, Electronics and Communication Department website! It really helps if the nonsense subjects which are difficult to pass and are useless in the respective field gets removed.

Previously there was another rumor that Part-time B.Tech is going to be reduced to 6 semesters (3 years) like the Regular B.Tech with lateral entrance, for the Diploma holders. There was some law suits filed for that cause, and later heard that it didn’t pass. Some one told me (don’t know what the truth is.) that some lecturers from T. K. M. College of Engineering, Kollam opposed to this only for the purpose of selling their own books for the 1st semester! But what’s going to happen this time? If it happens to my branch of study, I’ll be delighted that my life won’t be miserable for the next year.

By the way, I searched a lot for this document in net and couldn’t find one. The document is not present in the websites of Kerala University, Department of Technical Education, Kerala and College of Engineering, Trivandrum. Don’t know whether the document is waiting to be uploaded. Somebody please confirm this! Click here for the document I got.

I think I’m seeing some rays of hope here! Please find the syllabus for Computer Science here.


13 thoughts on “Syllabus for B.Tech Part-time Degree Course Restructured!

  1. The Half-Blood Geek says:

    I’m sorry Reshmi, Currently its not available. As you’ve read, I got it from electronics department of College of Engineering , Trivandrum site, but the same is not available in computer science department. The same is the case with Kerala university website. I got the information from the college that the syllabus is changed, But is yet to be published I think. I’ll make it available ASAP.

  2. Saraswathy says:

    I am diploma holder in computer science engg. and i am working as a tradesman computer engg. at govt. engg. college sreekrishnapuram, palakkad. i wish to take b tech degree as part time. i wish to know the details by mail.
    with thanks

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