Oh! What a Day!

It was really a normal day, debugging, debugging and debugging until its 6.45 PM. Master Blaster goes down to historyThen Got the news… The Master Blaster at nineties. Oh! Boy, Its not nineties, Its 196! For a while, there was some highly tensed moments refreshing the live scoreboards. Heard a big round of applause in the office, when the page updated to 200* for the genius.

And yea! Its the Techno Rock Show today, which is conducted as part of Tech-a-Break event in Technopark, And the title sponsor of the event is my company 🙂 The voices of Technopark were given an opportunity to rock with the Bennet and the Band.  Searched a lot for this band, but could find only a British band which was formed on 1993 and later split up. As I’m still a kid to Rock music, I couldn’t understand which song they were playing, but I was headbanging like crazy! Kick-ass performance. Every bit of them rocked! When It ended, many of us were like, “we want more!”.

The Band AvialWhen they expressed their thanks to the other bands that came across to see them, I heard a word “Avial”. “What? Are they here?” Yes! I saw Tony John of Avial next to me. As usual I was a bit shy first. But managed to meet him. We talked a bit and another lady ( not native ) came and shook hands with me. I think that was Tony’s friend. I asked Tony about their former vocalist Anand, He told me that He went to US just before the release of their first album. As it was night and my cell only had a 2Mp Camera, I couldn’t ask for a Photograph. After conveying my deep affection towards the band, I said good bye to both of them and rushed back home to see the highlights of the Master Blaster’s rockin innings!


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