As usual I was fooling around in net, created a my space account. I saw the music section in that which had taken to me to a video preview. There was a Kathakali artist along with somebody standing with electric guitars. Basically It attracted me because of  the colorful preview picture. Thought that it will be some American bands took the Kathakali in Kerala as a theme for their music. Decided to take a look, and it didn’t disappoint me! I was attracted more and more to the music when heard again. Then after some googling, I got to know that the band is from my God’s Own Country Itself!! I felt ashamed of myself for not listening till the moment to such talents. Mother jane

Motherjane – Asia’s No.1 Rock Act in 2009 at the AVIMA Awards is a five piece progressive rock band from Cochin, India formed in 1996. The band consists of Suraj Mani(Vocalist), Baiju Dharmajan(Lead Guitar), John Thomas ( Drums), Clyde Rozario(Bass) and Deepu Sasidharan (Rhythm Guitar). Motherjane is one of the only Indian rock bands to have their music played in American, Japanese and Mexican radio stations and has a cult following all around India.

I’m feeling bad to hear that it started in 1996, and It took me a long 13 years to find it? However, I’m feeling relaxed to know that the music I’ve heard is released in 2008. The band’s name originates from a variant of maryjane, and voices their belief that music, is by far the purest drug in existence. This was a smart strategy by the band to draw attention to the fact that none of the band members believe in drugs, and are against drug consumption. broken- motherjane

Both motherjane albums, “Insane Biography” ’02-03′ & “Maktub” ’08-09′ won numerous awards including No.1 Status by Rolling Stone Magazine, Rock Street Journal, Unwind Center Live Awards.

I’m pasting the lyrics of Broken here. Enjoy!

We’ve all been broken
Shattered, left mute with regrets unspoken
We’ve all loved and lost
Been forsaken, repented our deepest trust

We’ve all wondered why
Destiny picked us to cry
Why faith has to be tested,
And life doesn’t turn out the way intended

We’re mended. We’re mended to be broken
Yet human clay believes itself golden
Stunning in its courage to be happy
As wild elations tempered with black melancholy

The tough stains of color combination were absorbed nicely so that it generates the nostalgic feelings, Thumbs up to the one who handled the camera!
This is a moment ( even if I’m late ) that makes me proud to be a Malayalee as well as an Indian. Way to go guys!


2 thoughts on “Motherjane!

  1. rageshctech says:

    Thanx for your comment! I’m becoming more and more attracted to motherjane now a days.. The play count of the song “broken” in my play list exceeded 150 🙂

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