Eravu – My beautiful village

Sunrise at EravuI love photography, but at present i don’t have any high class cameras with me, so normally my photographs are limited to my mobile. Its a NOKIA 6300 model phone with 2 Mega-pixel camera… So the idea of blogging about my village came from these photographs. Eravu is a village that is located in the western part of the Thrissur district in Kerala. First of all I want to say that my village is not a tourist destination. More than a tourist place, its a comfortable place to live. The picture shown above is a winter morning in Eravu. I took this photo at 6.30 AM I think. It Dew dropsis a huge paddy field that is a few steps away from my house. On that same day I saw dew drops, but my mobile camera couldn’t capture it properly; It had some focus issues. We also own some land in these paddy fields. These fields looks good in all times but diverse in appearance. It have a chocolate brown color during the seeding time, then a fluorescent bright greenish white when there are tender rice plants, The greenness darkens when they grew up, then it will turn to a golden yellow when they ripe, and the final stage will be a view after reaping all the rice. That too looks aw-some according to me.

Main Attractions ( for me )

I don’t know whether I’m spiritual or not, but my belief in god is blind. So the first thing that attracts me in a place will be temples and churches. Eravu is a place equally populated with Hindus and Christians living harmoniously.

Sree Mahavishnu Temple

In eravu, there is a temple that I usually go. Its The Sree Mahavishnu Temple. As the name implies Lord Mahavishnu lies there pouring the blessings to his devotees. I’ve started going there when I was a child. This temple is believed to be 500 years  old. The bhaavam or mental state of the lord is of Narasimham/ Narasimha (an avatar of Lord Mahavishnu) giving blessings to his devotee Prahlada after the killing of the demon Hiraniakashipu.

It is a beautiful temple. Divine atmosphere. There is a pond in the compound of the temple for the devotees to have a bath and be fresh before entering the temple. I like to swim in that pond. Some times there will be non-poisonous snakes 🙂 but no trouble. We used to play many games. In monsoon season, water floods in the pond, which is the best situation to swim.

Ship Church Eravu

St: Theresa’s Ship Church, Eravu, is a unique attraction for its magnificent ship model where the ship church is seen sailing in surrounding water stream which breeds attractive fishes and beautiful flowers. I have another good reason to be an admirer of this church. They have an educational institution: St: Joseph’s Higher Secondary school; where I spent my twelve years from kindergarten to high school for my education. So this is the place I developed my character and personality. I used to spend a lot of time inside the church with my friends admiring those beautiful paintings and sculptures inside. My school was also aw-some.  Great teachers, good facilities, Miss all that now.

I have more photos of my village @ my album. Click here to visit my album 🙂


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